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Technicolor Federal Credit Union
Burbank , CA

Corporate Logo


The Technicolor Corporation played an integral part in the development of modern motion pictures. Today, the well-known brand is a giant in the processing and printing of movies for the industry today. Founded in 1915, the company pioneered the use of a unique technology that made the creation of color motion pictures possible. Virtually every color motion picture made in Hollywood up through the late 1940s utilized Technicolorís cameras and processing.

In September 2005 the companyís credit union -- Technicolor Federal Credit Union (TFCU) -- merged with the Capital Entertainment Credit Union (CECU), whose members worked in various fields within the entertainment community. With a membership that now included non-Technicolor employees, TFCU needed to create a new corporate logo to better present itself to both its existing members and the influx of new members.

The objective was to create a logo that would universally appeal to both groups and still refer to Technicolorís proud history.

Design Strategy:

A film reel -- a universal symbol of the entertainment industry as well as a direct reference to Technicolorís film processing and printing -- was chosen as the key image. The reelís open spaces were splashed with color, further touching upon the companyís history. A trailing "tail" of celluloid gives the image action and unites the image with TFCUís new brand motto "Reel Action. Real Service. For Reel People."