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Capstone Federal Credit Union,
Aliso Viejo, CA

Quarterly Newsletter


Establish and/or increase the awareness of Capstone FCU marketing communications. The newsletter design to complement the newly created brand as well as reinforce its brand promise of reliability, superior service beyond reproach, hi-tech hi-touch and people helping people.

To reach the broadest audience of the existing membership the creative approach to the design of the newsletter was selected to reinforce the notion of superior service beyond reproach with an inviting and easy to read layout. The subject matters for the newsletter on financial education were selected to reinforce the value of reliability in the marketing communications of the credit union that assisted the membership in becoming more financially stable.

Market/Competitive Factors:

The target audience consists of approximately 5,200 members who are architects/engineers of the Fluor Corporation as well as employees of Select Employee Groups in various industries. According to statistics released by American Banker in 2004, retail banking consumers want their financial institution to know them, what they want and know what’s good for their families. These statistics also supported the trend in retail consumer banking that these institutions do not listen to their customers or know what they want. CuadproTM Marketing translated this data into an opportunity to design a newsletter that clearly showed an understanding of the membership as a means for them to establish an emotional bond with the credit union through a design that utilizes imagery integrated throughout the layout to maintain its inviting appeal to readers as a means of bringing members and their families together with the credit union to create financial strength from a unit of one.