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Harbor Area Postal Employees
Federal Credit Union,
Lomita , CA

Logo Design


To create a logo that provides a focal point of the symbol for which Harbor Area Postal Employees Federal Credit Union stands for. The newly created logo would provide a visual impression of the brand promise/values the credit union delivers to its members, such as; integrity, financial strength, superior personal service and convenience. The newly created logo would provide a natural attraction or feeling of kinship for the credit union with its entire 3,300 members that consists mainly of postal workers and their families that work for the various post office locations in the coastal communities south of Los Angeles.

Design Concept

The eagle was selected as the best means for providing a visual to the membership of creating bond with the credit union because of its usage in the official logo by the United States Postal Service. The eagle was hand drawn to provide for a softer image, not to convey a bird of prey, while not digressing from the boldness and great-spirit that the eagle itself has become symbolic of. Utilizing the softer imaged eagle landing on top of the Harbor Area Postal Employees Federal Credit Union name visually reinforced the notion or condition of being undivided – integrity of the two entities coming together to create financial strength. In addition, the eagle provided the membership with a visual reflecting power and strength commonly associated with the seals or logos of other US government branches such as; the Official Seal of the United States.